Must-Have In-Car Items For Lifehacker Readers

Our recent post about must-have items to keep in your car stirred up a lot of comments from readers. Here's the five most useful suggestions that popped up.

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While in-car needs obviously vary depending on your location — rural readers with long isolated drives have a wider range of needs than city commuters — these five items are worth considering no matter what your driving pattern. And yes, there's a pattern: if a mess happens in a car, you want to clean it up before the scent lingers. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

A packet of baby wipes. Useful for cleaning up unexpected family incidents (families) and for when that drive-through food just looks too tempting (singletons).

A bottle of water. Useful for drinking (especially if you have a breakdown) and for emergency cleanup.

A roll of toilet paper. For wiping your hands, blowing your nose and calls of nature in isolated areas.

Photocopies of rego and insurance documents under the seat. You can also store these as photos on your mobile or in the cloud, but the physical copies will come in handy if your batteries run out.

A torch. Again it's tempting to use your mobile, but a standalone torch has a better battery life (and a wind-up model eliminates that worry entirely).


    I also keep one of those little bottles of alcohol rub. Especially good after you've been to the shops and the tellers are sneezing and coughing over the money they hand you back. Yuck.

      I think that the money has been impregnated with germs for a long time before then.

    Guys how can you forget a mini can of WD-40 and a roll of duct tape. Those two things will get you out of a jam in most cases. Just google "uses for WD-40".

    condoms man?!
    (and no in the wallet = no good. the thing will split on you!)

    but yeah all recommended are good ones (though i don't understand the rego copies/dead battery link?).

    A small container of red wine you'll never drink is handy for a car battery that's gone flat. Pour red wine in to the battery and you'll be able to get that car started. Works when you're standing around with your jumper cables and no other cars to be seen.

    Jumper leads and a first aid kit.

    When I was living in the NT, I'd carry a couple of bottles of water as well.

    You got the paper. But you forgot the Pencil. A must have. And make it a 'pacer' type pencil. A normal pencil will be broken and a pen will be dried out when you need it most.

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