Migrate Your Nokia Sports Tracker Data Before August Ends

Nokia's Sports Tracker service for users of Nokia mobiles was well-regarded enough to rank in our Hive Five of exercise planning and tracking tools last year. However, Nokia has decided to ditch the system, and current users only have until the end of August to migrate their data to the newly named (but entirely separate) Sports Tracker service.

In an email to current subscribers, Nokia explained the decision behind killing Sports Tracker:

Nokia Sports Tracker beta was an experimental, specialized vertical service letting people collect, and share their physical activities and routes using their mobile devices. Nokia's strategy moving forward is to continue to deliver on the potential of this space, but through broader horizontal offerings that take advantage of our growing Ovi platform of services.

Whatever the reason, data from current users can be migrated to Sports Tracker (which has its own Ovi app for tracking performance on your phone) through until August 31 — so get shifting if you want to keep that performance data. For more mobile fitness options, check out our five best mobile fitness apps. Thanks Simon for the tip!

Sports Tracker


    Pity "obsolete" Nokia phones like N95 and N82 are not supported.

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