Mazuma Mobile Buys Old Mobile Phones

Trading up to a new mobile phone model and not sure what to do with the old one? Mazuma Mobile will pay you cash for your mobile and send you a prepaid envelope to submit it.

While you're not likely to make a fortune from that ageing small-screen phone — the starting price for some older models is just $1.60 — it makes more sense to cash in your phone (after deleting all your personal data) than leave it languishing in your drawer, and selling it to Mazuma is less hassle than flogging it on eBay or the like.

We've pointed to MobileMuster in the past as a way to dispose of unwanted mobiles, and that remains a sensible option if your phone is kaput. Got your own preferred way to dispose of old mobile phones? Tell us in the comments.

Mazuma Mobile [via Gizmodo]


    Why need IMEI?


    Recycle them. The Adelaide Zoo is involved with a mobile phone recycling program, which sends them away to extract the rare earth metals from them as part of an effort to help stop further deforestation to mining in Africa.

    Wow, $0 cash for mine, what a bargain

    Here you can print off a postage paid label to donate your mobile phone to help save gorilla populations in Africa.

    They're Calling on You is a phone recycling program which began at Melbourne Zoo but is now operating in other Zoos around Australia too.

    Mobile Blitz is a fantastic new site where you can sell old mobile phones for cash. Sell mobile phones at

    i sold my mobile phone to

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