Make Your Own Backlit Keyboard

Make Your Own Backlit Keyboard

We’ve shown you one or two ways to light up your keyboard for night-time typing, but technology blog Tinkernut shows us how to make a true backlit keyboard using electro luminescent wire.

While this will work with pretty much any keyboard, it’s best done with a keyboard that has a USB port built-in so you can plug the el-wire into it. If you don’t have one, of course, you could always just twist the el-wire’s USB cord with your keyboard’s and plug it into the back of your computer. The instructions are pretty straightforward — you’ll need to take your keyboard apart (really apart, as in removing every single key), but just be sure to remember the keys’ order and you should be fine. Check out the video above for detailed instructions.

How to Make a Backlit Keyboard [Tinkernut]


  • Purpose-built retail backlit keyboards have the added benefit of backlighting the printed keys themselves so you can actually see what button you are pressing in total darkness. This is done through either opaque keys with the labels printed in black, or black keys with opaque lettering.

    The problem with a DIY build such as this is that it only illuminates the gaps between the keys and not the keys themselves.

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