Lunchtime Wrap: XBMC Blu-Ray & Loan Exit Fees

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Wednesday? Learn where to get the lowest bank exit fees and how to play Blu-ray discs through XBMC.

How To Enable Blu-Ray Playback In XBMC Unfortunately, Blu-ray discs aren’t supported by default in our favourite media centre application, XBMC. Sure, you can rip Blu-rays, but that takes forever, and you want to watch it now. Here’s how to can enable Blu-ray playback in XBMC.

Don’t Get Caught By Home Loan Exit Fees Savvy mortgage buyers know the importance of making extra payments and choosing carefully fixed and variable rate loans. But not everyone pays sufficient attention to the exit fees that apply if you switch providers or pay off a loan early.

Hands On With Windows Phone 7 Down Under We’ve been hearing about Windows Phone 7 since early this year and it’s promised for release before 2010 is out. Microsoft’s latest mobile OS feels pretty good to use, but I can’t help thinking that adding applications to it won’t entirely enhance the experience.

Ask Lifehacker: How Can We Organise The Office Coffee Run? Dear Lifehacker, I work in a small team (five of us) and all of us have a fairly high caffeine addiction which, coupled with our office being within 100 metres of about give good coffee joints, leads us to buying coffee fairly regularly. We rotate the buying and the place we go to depending on who is going. I just wondered if you could recommend a good way to balance out who pays, who is ahead, and who is behind.


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