Lunchtime Wrap: TV Recording & Word Pasting

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

What’s The Drama With Time-Shifted Ratings? Since late last year, Australian TV ratings have also included data on people who record shows and watch them later. Which shows are most likely to benefit from that switch — and why is the data about time shift still pretty suspect?

Ask Lifehacker: What Should I Do On A Sydney Staycation? Dear Lifehacker, My partner and I are going down to Sydney in February for the Iron Maiden concert on the 24th (well, I am, she’s going to visit friends) and are making a four-day weekend of it. We’ve often had mini-staycations around greater Brisbane, as a way of discovering new and interesting things in our region over the weekends, and are interested in similar places and experiences in Sydney during our time down there, as opposed to the touristy things.

Use The "Spike" Feature In Microsoft Word To Copy And Paste Text Microsoft Word has a hidden feature that most people probably don’t know about: a way to collect text on the clipboard from multiple locations, and then paste it all at once into your document.

What Physical ‘Stuff’ Can’t You Bring Yourself To Leave For Digital Counterparts? We recently laid out a step-by-step guide to digitising your life, but for some of us, the choice to go digital isn’t just about whether we can; it’s whether we want to. So we’re wondering: what are your analogue hold-outs?


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