Lunchtime Wrap: Swype Tested & Weight Lifted

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Monday? Learn how well Swype works on Android phones and how to get your diet back on track.

Road Worrier Tries Out Swype Slide-to-type input system Swype is proving increasingly popular with Android phone manufacturers. How well does it perform under Road Worrier’s demanding (and touch-screen-unfriendly) fingers?

BlackBerry App World Now Offering Paid Apps In Australia BlackBerry’s App World app store wasn’t originally available in Australia when it launched in much of the rest of the world, and when we did finally get it only free apps were available. Now Australian BlackBerry users can finally purchase paid apps on their device, provided they have a PayPal account.

Tax Office Says 75% Of Refunds Issued Within 14 Days Last time we checked in with the Tax Office, it had processed 3.2 million returns. Roughly a week later, the number is up to 3.8 million — and for the first time this year, the Australian Taxation Office is offering a percentage figure on how many it has dealt with.

Jane Kennedy Explains Why The Boombah Comes Back Reaching a healthy weight is only half the challenge: maintaining it is often the real issue. Writer, performer and chef Jane Kennedy offers some thoughts on why it’s easy to slip off the healthy eating bandwagon, and how to get back on.


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