Lunchtime Wrap: Lifehacker Pack For iPhone & Broadband Policy

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

Lifehacker Pack For iPhone: Our List Of The Best iPhone Apps Looking to power up your iPhone with the best free and cheap apps out there? Our first edition of the Lifehacker Pack for iPhone rounds up our favourite must-have iPhone applications.

When Mobile Devices Play Games With Power Modern mobile devices can handle everything from phone calls to media playback to gaming, but that doesn’t mean they handle them all equally well. An addiction to mobile gaming can have dangerous consequences for battery life.

What Do You Think Of Coalition Broadband Policy? We already knew that the Coalition was opposed to the NBN, but today it spelled out its alternative vision: essentially, spending a lot less money and leaving the job of offering increased speeds to the commercial sector. Is that enough to ensure that we’ll get decent broadband in the future?

The Easier Way To Install Flash On iPhone 4, iPad Didn’t you hear? Flash (well, Frash) came to jailbroken iPhones yesterday. But if that eight-step process was a little bit complicated for you, there’s a new three-step method available right now.


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