Lunchtime Wrap: Fibre Networks & Brain Sabotage

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How Fibre Networks Can Increase Speed Really Quickly Tony Abbott has said he thinks it is “hugely implausible” that the speeds on the National Broadband Network could easily increase by a factor of 10 to the 1 gigabit per second maximum speed now being claimed by the NBN. For his benefit (and the benefit of confused voters), we’re here to explain in simple terms why such a scenario is plausible, even though it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get that speed directly into your house.

Top 10 Ways Your Brain Is Sabotaging You (And How To Beat It) An unexamined brain is a tricky thing to carry around. You’ve got unintentional biases, marketing weaknesses, “overclocking” issues and all kinds of other mental bugs you may not know about. Here’s a helpful list of the mind’s weird ways.

Be A Perfect Guest In The 21st Century Your mother’s missive to “Be polite!” might suffice to help you get by as a tolerable guest. But if you really want to shine as an exceptional and always-welcome guest, you may want to add a trick or two to your travelling bag.

Photograph Your Local Bus Stop For An Accurate Timetable Online timetables for bus services often don’t include every single stop. Lifehacker reader Xponti solved that problem by photographing his nearest stop, getting an accurate digital timetable.


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