Lunchtime Wrap: Android Tasker & Road Tolling

Didn't catch Lifehacker on ^day? Here's the best posts you missed.

Push Your Automated Android To Awesome Heights With These Tasker Setups We’ve shown you how Android app Tasker can make your phone a fully automated wonder. Now we’re digging in deeper and providing some clever step-by-step profiles, along with an explainer on how to export and import profiles others have patched together.

The Future Of Road Tolling Technology Tolls are an annoyance, but they’re now a permanent fixture of the road building scene. Lifehacker chats with tolling expert Steinar Furan about the role of technology in the tolling experience.

TechLines: Making Email Work Better For Work Planning for our upcoming TechLines video event has got me thinking about how I’d like email to fit better into my work life. Here’s five areas where I’d like to see improvements.

Below The Line Lets You Plan Your Senate Vote Just voting 1 above the line for your preferred party in the Senate means you don’t get to choose your preferences, but filling out all the numbers below the line is fiddly. The Below The Line site comes to the rescue, letting you customise your preferences and print out a guide to take along on voting day.


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