Lonely Planet Compass Guides Offer Android Augmented Reality

A mobile phone is an essential tool for most travellers, but constantly looking up details can be time-consuming and run up big data roaming bills. Lonely Planet's Compass Guides offer details on things to see and places to eat and sleep in your chosen city, including an augmented reality feature to highlight attractions near your current location.

As well as highlighting nearby attractions through its camera view, each Compass Guide also offers text information on major attractions (stored on the phone so you don't have to download them fresh each time). The maps themselves do require a data connection though.

The Compass Guides were released in the US late last year, but have only been made available for Australian buyers this month. 25 cities in total are covered, with Sydney the sole Australian entry, with each guide priced at $US4.99 per city. That's not free, but it's cheaper than a printed edition and one less thing you have to carry.

Lonely Planet


    This is an excellent application of location-based augmented reality. Most people already know where to find restaurants, etc. in their home town. But travelers do need this information very much! Now if this app combines local reviews of businesses then this can be a big win for Lonely Planet and the people that buy the app.

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