LockBot Swaps, Customises Your Android Lock Screen

Android: If you'd like to customise the Lock screen on your Android phone, LockBot makes it easy to swap it out for an iPhone-style lock screen, those of other Android OS versions and more.

LockBot allows you to swap your lock screen to look like that of another phone, such as the HTC Hero and iPhone, or to look like versions of the Android OS such as Eclair and Flan. In addition to customising the layout of the lock screen you can also pick from hundreds of custom themes, use photos from Flickr, Picasa Web or your SD Card, and even change the sounds associated with the lock screen. Even if you can't decide which theme you like the best you can set up a playlist to rotate through your favourites.

LockBot is free, works wherever Android does and is available by searching the Android Market or scanning the QR code at right. Have a favourite application or tip for customising your Android phone? Let's hear about it in the comments.



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