Learn To Properly Coil Your MacBook’s Power Cord

Learn To Properly Coil Your MacBook’s Power Cord

Apple’s white power brick is pretty handy, what with the attached hooks for coiling it up and packing it away. If you do it wrong, though, you’ll likely stress the cord and break it (or worse, create a fire hazard).

Technology blog Tested shows us how to wrap the cord correctly. Instead of just coiling it up, make a loop so the joint between the brick and the wire isn’t bent. It’s simple, but really good information to know — I know I see people with exposed wires on their power bricks all the time, and have had one break myself from improper use. So check out the video to see a demonstration and share your power cord longevity tricks in the comments.

How to Properly Coil a MacBook Power Cord [Tested]


  • I always found it odd that Apple actually encourage you to wrap the cord the power adaptor, stressing it in the same place over and over each time you do so.

  • Am I the only person in the universe who knows that all cables have an MBR or minimum bend radius, check outthe MBR for Cat 6 then scratch your head wondering how they ever manage to run them through building voids and walls while compling with its MBR.Exceeding MBR’s can cause mains cables to burn out and is the most common cause of long term cable failure, with high frequency signals the data rate can be severly degraded by exeeding MBR.

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