Jane Kennedy Explains Why The Boombah Comes Back

Reaching a healthy weight is only half the challenge: maintaining it is often the real issue. Writer, performer and chef Jane Kennedy offers some thoughts on why it's easy to slip off the healthy eating bandwagon, and how to get back on.

Kennedy has written a book of low-fat recipes, Fabulous Food Minus The Boombah so she's painfully aware of the pressure to not gain weight. Ironically, one factor which led to her adding five kilos in five weeks was allowing herself a treat after keeping her weight off to get photographed for her second cookbook:

I had to get myself in to some semblance of respectability for the photo shoot for my new book. I was very, very good during those three weeks. Following the rap of the book it was my birthday so I did the worst thing possible. I REWARDED myself. Now an occasional treat is fine. NOT. EVERY. MEAL. The festival of my birthday continued for weeks.

Reinstating healthy eating habits is ultimately a matter of discipline. Kennedy found that keeping a diary and weighing herself daily was the best method to keep motivated, though she admits that's not for everyone. (My own feeling is that daily weigh-ins involve too much fluctuation, and that if you are going to measure your weight via scales then weekly might be more appropriate.)

Hit Kennedy's post for her full story, and share your own strategies for keeping your diet healthy and the kilos off in the comments.

My name’s Jane Kennedy and I’ve put on five kilos [Jane Kennedy Minus The Boombah]


    I'm a fan of hers, but I'd like to point out that writing a cookbook does not make someone a chef, it makes them a published cook. There's a big difference.

      Yes, a chef is somebody who has a Year 10 certificate, a couple of years of TAFE and an out-of-proportion ego.

    If you want a completely different take on healthy eating read David Gillespie's book "Sweet Poison" a brilliant and scary read.


    Have seen your recipes in the newspapers for a while and thought o yes this is another celebrity who thinks she can cook I tried your recipe from the sun herald dated 21st August, it was the Moroccan chicken tangine,
    After not been able to source the chermoula paste. I improvised using the moroccan paste along with the moroccan spices after adding sweet potato and macadamia nuts I also used dates instead of Olives as I do not like olives and the result was amazaing I will try it with the cauliflower rice I am sure it will be as amazing as the original

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