iOS 4.0.2 Update Patches PDF Exploit

iOS 4.0.2 Update Patches PDF Exploit

Apple’s pushing out an iOS update that fixes the PDF exploit that both allowed users to jailbreak their devices in one click but also indicated potentially serious security. If you’re not jailbroken, you should definitely update. If you are jailbroken and would like to stay that way for the time being, you can just protect yourself against the PDF exploit in other ways. The update doesn’t bring any other new features. Plug in your device and click Check for Updates in iTunes to update.


  • I have jailbroken my phone simply to use another network. If I update, the jailbreak will go but does the ability to use another network ie. the unlock as well? Or will my phone be updated to the new OS and then still be able to use the alternate network?

    • Vivian, if you update your phone to this new iOS, you will lose the ability to use alternate networks… This is until a new JB comes to light for 4.0.2 and the Unlock features added.
      Stick with 4.0.1 or 4.0 for now…

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