Ice TV Android App Goes Into Beta

Ice TV has long had an iPhone app, but the subscription electronic program guide is now showing a bit of Android love. The company has issued a beta version of its Android app, letting you access upcoming show lists and schedule recordings direct from your phone.

The feature set looks similar to the existing iPhone app, with (unsurprisingly) more options for fully-fledged Ice TV subscribers than casual browsers. Hit the link to download it, and if you give it a whirl, tell us how it performs in the comments.

Ice TV


    Broken link. Try this one:

    Application installe OK from hte Android Market. Whilst it installs.. I had to try a few times to get it to log in with my user name and password so I could access all the other features.

    Having said that it worked fine in the end.

    I did find that it's a little bit clunky to use. The app dosn't go straight into the current time of the day and the layout of the channels is a little bit hard to read and I feel could be vastly improved aswell.

    thank you

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