How To Open A Beer Bottle With A Countertop

We've featured numerous ways to open beer bottles without bottle openers, but for this method all you need is a ledge, gravity, and a steady hand.

This method is easy, but be careful on what surface you're using it—wood, painted surfaces, or some other countertops may scratch or get damaged by this method (my countertop's survived okay, though). Just set the bottle cap on the top of the ledge, hold on tight, and bring your hand down hard on it. Sometimes it takes a few tries (as you can see in the video demonstration above), probably because it seems like the bottle's just going to go flying and spill beer everywhere, but I surprisingly haven't had that problem yet. It's remarkably effective, and the best part is you barely need any other materials to do it. Of course, if you find yourself calling on this trick often, it might be time to invest in a cheap bottle opener. Just saying.


    great way to damage your kitchen

      Yeah, I've used this way for a while, its just a pain to find a surface that wont get messed up by this method.

    Try it on my bench tops and I'll punch you in the face! ..... Just lettin ya know is all :)

      I would do the same.

    Yep this one is pretty much strictly for use on the workshop bench

    You're not invited to my party if you plan to open beer bottles like that on my kitchen bench.

    Not a good tip at all.

    There are other much better ways to open beer bottles without damaging things.
    eg. With a lighter, tightly folded paper, belt buckle, etc... See how to do these on youtube.

    Wow! It must be a damn slow news day to post this!

    Next week. . . how to resurface your bench top?

    I do this on our uni bench tops because screw it we pay enough anyway and they are shit. Having said that I have seen no damage.

    Then again I haven't ever seen it cause damage, most likely because we have some random industrial stuff that is supposed to survive students doing dumb shit. I know that my mother would kill me if I did this to anything in her house though hehehe.

    also, great way to break the neck of the beer

    Steady hands and having to open a lot of beer bottles seem to be mutually exclusive conditions.

    I totally messed up a mates table just this weekend doing exactly the same thing :D

    I also found some other interesting ways

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