Hotmail Can Now Push Email, Calendar, Contacts To Your Phone

Hotmail Can Now Push Email, Calendar, Contacts To Your Phone

Popular web-based email service Hotmail updates today with support for Exchange syncing, meaning Hotmail can now push email, calendar events and contacts between the web and your phone – if your phone supports Exchange (iOS, Windows, Nokia and Palm devices do).

The new Hotmail is packed with impressive features, even when compared to Gmail. The addition of push syncing is extremely important if Hotmail wants to keep up with the likes of Gmail, and I can’t imagine a Hotmail user that won’t be very pleased with the new features. If you’ve got a Hotmail account and want to set it up with your device, Microsoft’s got instructions here.

Hotmail now supports push email, calendar, and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync [Windows Live]


      • I do. I am a mac user and do not believe that in itself should preclude me from syncing my hotmail with a desktop client. Apparently, Microsoft sees this differently.

        What I find most annoying is that the technology to connect using ActiveSync exists and is active, but has been disabled for Mac desktop clients purely on Microsoft’s whim.

      • Or Mac stopping you from installing OSX on a standard PC hardware even though Microsoft will allow you to install there OS onto Apple hardware.

        This is a huge reason I refuse to support Apple, I don’t want there hardware but would be happy to try there OS in a duel boot system setup… Both companies try to keep you close at times I guess is the bottom line.

  • Still doesn’t work on my iPhone, it prompts me for my password (despite it being correct) which is what it did when i tried it last and they emailed me saying its not quite ready for every one yet.

    I’m a little peeved that i’ll have to install connector instead of using EAS.

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