HopShopGo Ships From US-Only Stores

Tempting online stores with "we only ship to the continental US" clauses are a perennially annoying fact of life. HopShopGo is the latest site to offer shipping to Australian addresses from a range of US stores, selling itself on the ability to pay via PayPal.

The back-end technology for HopShopGo is provided by comGateway, which we've previously featured in its own right as a solution to the US-only shopping dilemma. One big issue with comGateway was the relatively high shipping charges, which have reduced a little since we featured the site but still start at a minimum of $US24. Exactly the same rates apply at HopShopGo, though there's a 10 per cent discount for using PayPal, which slightly eases the pain.

For other sites offering similar solutions, check out previously mentioned Price USA and WorldPurchases.



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