HiddenMenu Puts Application-Launching Hot Spots On Monitor Corners

Windows: If you'd like a speedy but totally clutter free way to quickly launch applications, HiddenMenu parks a customisable pop-up menu on the monitor corners or edges you specify.

Click on the image above for a closer look at the HiddenMenu launcher and setup screen.

HiddenMenu tucks a small application-launching menu out of sight in the area of the screen you designate. When you place your mouse over that area, a menu pops up with shortcuts to your favourite applications.

After installing HiddenMenu, you immediately customise it by loading it with shortcuts, specifying how many rows and columns your little application launching menu will contain, and tweaking the font and colour of the menu. Even if you're not doing any heavy tweaking from the defaults, make sure you specify at least one shortcut or HiddenMenu won't pop up and you'll have to force close the application in Task Manager to get back to the customisation menu.

HiddenMenu is freeware, Windows only. The author's site, linked to below, seems to be overwhelmed with traffic. We suggest using this CNET Downloads file mirror. Have a favourite compact and out-of-sight application launcher? Let's hear about it in the comments.

HiddenMenu [via Addictive Tips]


    >> The author’s site ... seems to be overwhelmed with traffic.

    Umm... actually it is underwhelmed with activity by the author. The web site's last update mentions W2K and the graphics and download links have long since died a lonely death of old age.

    How many seconds did you spend looking at this before shovelling it on to the lifehacker feed?

    The latest version 2.2 R2 can be downloaded here:

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