Get The Linux Mint GNOME Menu In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is far and wide the most popular Linux distrobution, although Mint certainly has its advantages for beginners, such as the menu organisation. Ubuntu Forums member KdotJ shows us how to add Mint's GNOME menu to your Ubuntu desktop.

The Mint menu is somewhat similar to the gnome-main-menu available in the Ubuntu repositories, but the actual Mint menu (not available in the repos) is much more customisable. The process isn't too complicated, involving mostly some wget and dpkg commands in Terminal to install it. KdotJ does a good job, though, of walking you through a few extra things, like customising the menu to fit into your Ubuntu set-up and use some of its cooler organisation features. If you're unhappy with the default Ubuntu menu but don't feel like installing and trying another distro, you may enjoy this slight change of pace. Hit the link for the full instructions.

How To: Mint Style Gnome Menu in Ubuntu [Ubuntu Forums]


    One thing that has been useful to me and i can no longer live without is GNOME Do. Install it via the software center and all you have to do to run anything is press Super-Space and type its name.

    I find it most useful on my laptop where i try to use the mouse as little as possible.

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