'Germany's Workers Have Higher Productivity, Shorter Hours, Greater Quality Of Life'

This article at news site Salon isn't necessarily an endorsement of European socialism, but it is at the very least a good reminder that working non-stop is not the key to being more productive. Oh, and maybe the most surprising number: "Compared to our German cousins across the pond, we work 1804 hours versus their 1436 hours - the equivalent of nine extra 40-hour work weeks per year." [Salon]


    Socialism is a burgeoning maximum of stifling detailed controls. Adjusting working hours downward as we adjust worksaving technology upward is on the path to the opposite = a stable minimum of liberating generalized controls, ideally just one, a single all-sufficient control = the Holy Grail of economic designers, so well designed and centrally positioned in the "body economic" that it can supersede all other regulations (since all modern governments are 66-75% makework, pork and patronage, trying to make up for the decades of jobs lost to waves of tech productivity vs. frozen pre-computer work weeks). "Wartime prosperity" happened because war removed all those wage-and-market-depressing surplus working hours the stupid way = killing and maiming employees and potential consumers. And war has become too efficient for our side to create that wage-and-market-boosting labor shortage back home anyway. We're cornered. We HAVE to cut workhours now because nothing else is working. Counter-intuitively, wages will rise because - no more 500 resumes clamoring for 5 job openings, all underbidding one another. Horrors, maybe we'll have to turn all our lip service to Freedom and Liberty into the most fundamental freedom of all = more, financially secure free time.

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