Fur.ly Shortens And Shares Multiple URLS With A Single Link

While the URL shortening market definitely seems a little saturated, there's still room for innovation. Fur.ly is a URL shortening service that bundles multiple URLs together for easy sharing.

Sure you can find URL shortening for music, that includes QR code generation, offers security features, scans for malware and even URL shorteners that host files. Fur.ly introduces a new feature, the ability to package multiple URLs together into a single URL dashboard.

The screenshot above shows what a Fur.ly URL looks like. A small — and removable — menu bar at the top of your browser pane displays how many sites are in the bundle, navigations arrows and a drop-down menu to jump to sites in the bundle without toggling through the list. From the menubar you can also views stats on the number of times the shortened URL has been viewed — we think it would be a great addition to include how many times each sub-URL in the bundle has been viewed too.

Fur.ly is a free service and requires no registration. Have a favourite URL shortening service to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Fur.ly [via MakeUseOf]


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