From The Tips Box: Network Filters, Status Bar Size, Saving Electricity

From The Tips Box: Network Filters, Status Bar Size, Saving Electricity

Readers offer their best tips for getting around some network filters, enlarging the font in Firefox’s status bar and toning down on your PC’s power consumption.

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Use IP Addresses to Get Around Wordlist Blockers

MrTunderfield tells us an easy way to get around some network filters:

Is a public Wi-Fi access point blocking some websites, like torrent sites? If they use a simple wordlist to block the domains you can easily cheat it by finding out the ip address of the site you’re trying to visit. Just google domain ip address or something like that.

Enlarge the Font of Firefox’s Status Bar

Prairie Moon shows us how to make the status bar’s font larger in Firefox:

I found this at gHacks. I wanted Firefox’s status bar text to be larger, and not have to resort to some addon that would change other things I wanted left alone.

Find your userchrome.css file and add this to it:

/* Change status bar text color/size*/
#status-bar {-moz-appearance: none !important; font: bold 12pt Arial; !important;

You can change the numbers to your liking. 12 might be too big, or too small, up to you. Bold might even be too much. If so, replace it with normal.

Save Money by Lowering Your PC’s Brightness

Photo by Marcin Wichary.

Shin-GO reminds us that saving electricity equals saving money:

An acquaintance who’s interning at a power company reminded me of a very simple way of saving money that makes sense that we might not think of.

If you constantly use a computer, you can save $US15-30 annually on electricity spent on the monitor if you reduce the brightness setting on the monitor. Her recommendation was if you’re at 90 brightness, reduce it to about 80 or lower – you might see a slight difference, but not terribly noticeable. Plus, you’ll adjust to it quickly enough.

$15-30 may not seem like a lot, but if you have multiple computers, that can add up pretty quickly.

Use Stencil Adhesive Spray to Turn Anything Into a Post-It

Brainiac27 lets us know of a cool tool for making items sticky:

Spray stencil adhesive can be used as instant post-it note adhesive for any paper or slippery item.

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