From The Tips Box: Mouse Sensitivity, Cascading Menus, Credit Card Privacy

Readers offer their best tips for getting a closer look at windows in Exposé, cleaning your mouse's scroll wheels and managing your online identity.

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Reduce Mouse Sensitivity with a Hotkey in Windows

Photo by liewcf.

Goonertillidie111 shares an AutoHotkey script that will give you greater cursor precision:

Reduce the mouse sensitivity by holding down the caps lock key (or whatever pleases you) temporarily by using my AutoHotkey script:

" ~capslock:: { RegRead, mouse_sensitivity_status, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control PanelMouse, MouseSensitivity DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", Int,113, Int,0, UInt,2, Int,2) Return } ~capslock up:: { DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", Int,113, Int,0, UInt,mouse_sensitivity_status, Int,2) Return } " Experts can, if they want, increase or decrease the reduce the lower sensitivity by changing the value of "UInt"

Get Old-Style Cascading Windows in the Start Menu

Swc oxcart lets us know how you can get the old cascading menus without reverting your entire start menu:

Some people like the old school cascading menus, but like to retain the modern Win7 Start menu utility. Why not have them both? Go to start menu and right-click "Properties". Click the Start menu tab, then click the "Customize" button. Check "Personal Folder", "Display as Menu"

Cover up Credit Card Numbers Without Losing Functionality

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Dreamscapesoftware tells us how to keep those credit card numbers a bit more private:

I recently got the idea to cover the first 12 digits of my credit card number with black Electrical Tape in an effort to thwart credit card theft. The tape makes it difficult for anyone to see the complete 16 digit credit card number, yet I can still peel it back when I want to buy something online, and it still works in all of the card swipe machines.

Of course, this doesn't really help if your wallet is stolen, but it will keep those numbers away from prying eyes.

Quickly Listen to Music Files in Ubuntu

Djmashedman shows us a cool feature for testing music files in Ubuntu:

I only discovered this by accident earlier this morning, but it has proven incredibly useful. In Ubuntu, instead of opening the default music player when you want to hear the contents of an audio track, just hold the mouse cursor over the file for a few seconds and it will start playing. It will stop when you move the cursor off the file.


    "Of course, this doesn’t really help if your wallet is stolen, but it will keep those numbers away from prying eyes."

    if anyone can memorise my entire credit card number, and expiry date, and the name on the card from a glance, they deserve to steal from me!

      HIdden camera?

        surely if they can plant a hidden camera, thay can plant a scanner to access the chip on my card..

        the bigger risk is the in plain sight cameras.. what is to stop little johnny from reviewing the footage from the camera above the register at KFC and stealing my credit card details.. (probably the resolution of the camera..)

        there is a better chance of someone stealing my card directly from me than stealing the numbers with their eyes or a camera..

        the best way to steal the dteails is to force customers to use a manual swype system and then you have an exact copy of their card..

    Awesome tips, thanks Whitson :)

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