From The Tips Box: Emergency Cash, French Fries, iPhone Torches

From The Tips Box: Emergency Cash, French Fries, iPhone Torches

Readers offer their best tips for stashing money in strategic locations, getting the freshest french fries and using the iPhone LED light without an extra app.

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Hide Money in Your Phone for Emergencies

Photo by Stuart Frisby.

Ryanlcombs lets us know how he makes sure he is never without cash:

Sometimes there is just a tiny bit of space in the battery compartment that will fit a folded $US20 or $US100 bill for emergencies. Then if you are ever without your wallet (or not near an ATM) you have a reserve of cash.

If your phone has a case, this is a lot easier — just stick it in between the case and the phone!

Order Fries Without Salt to Get the Fresh Batch

Photo by Adria Richards.

Resell4 shares a sneaky way to get the freshest french fries:

Next time you order french fries, ask for no salt. They will have to make a new batch for you and you can just put salt on it afterwards. You’ll avoid the soggy, grease-infested potato sticks and also the cold, stale variety, and have yourself nice crispy, hot fries.

Use Your Smartphone’s Video Mode Instead of Torch Apps

Photo by Drustar.

Justinschwartz11 lets us know that torch apps are unnecessary:

Don’t bother paying for a flashlight application on your iPhone 4. Head over to the camera application and slide the slider over to video. Turn the camera flash to the on setting and voila!

Google Tracking Numbers for Quick Package Tracking Results

Future Retrotells us an easy way to bookmark package tracking pages:

If you’re trying to keep tabs on a shipment but don’t have an account with the shipper then you usually have to go to the main website, find and enter the tracking number and then repeat every time you wish to check the status.

Sometimes you get a link from the store that has a page dedicated to your tracking number, you can just favourite the page and go there whenever you want to track it

Well if you Google the tracking number, then Google will automatically recognise it as a tracking number and give you a link dedicated to it just like a store would, then you can add it to your favourites and speed up the tracking process

So far it’s worked with USPS, Fedex and UPS, and I know at least one of those requires you to do the Google process to get a direct link, because sometimes putting the tracking number in from the main page takes you to a generic tracking URL that has no dedication to your number, so when you put it in your favourites it just redirects you to the main page again.


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