From The Tips Box: Dock Bookmarks, Screensaver Disabling, Asian Fonts

From The Tips Box: Dock Bookmarks, Screensaver Disabling, Asian Fonts

Readers offer their best tips for putting bookmarks in your Mac OS X dock, disabling screensavers while watching videos, and fixing corrupted Asian fonts after Windows crashes.

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Put Webloc Files in Your Mac’s Dock for Easy Access

Peter shares a way to put bookmarks on your desktop without using site-specific browsers:

If you like the idea of keeping shortcuts to your favourite websites in the dock or on the desktop, but don’t want to use Fluid to have them open as separate applications, you can use Fluid icons to dress up bookmarks that will open in your default browser. Just save web locations to the desktop—or in a folder with a name like “webclip,” if you prefer—then rename them, assign them attractive icons from the Fluid Icons Flickr Pool, and drag them into the dock. It’s especially helpful if you use an older Mac that is not compatible with Fluid.

Easily Disable Your Screensaver While Watching Videos

Bobeyjoe tells us how to disable screensavers without going into the Control Panel and without extra programs:

Trick for keeping your screensaver from turning on while watching hulu or related videos. I just fire up VLC and leave it running in the background. It does not need to be playing anything, just sitting there minding its own business. I believe by default it disables your screensaver while it is running. If not, I know it is an option. Turns you screensaver back on when you close it.

Fix Corrupted Asian Fonts After a Windows Crash

Photo by Bfishadow.

KayDat lets us know an easy fix for corrupted East Asian fonts after Windows crashes:

Sometimes after Windows crashes, you may find that East Asian fonts are reduced to mere blocks; completely unreadable. With Windows 7, East Asian fonts are supposed to be installed by default, so what do you do?

A simple trick is to run a command prompt in Admin mode, and then the command “sfc /scannow”. Once the System File Checker has finished scanning for missing/corrupt system files, reset your computer, and you’re as good as new.

SFC of course isn’t just for fixing corrupt fonts, but I’ve found that for some reason, East Asian fonts are easily corrupted.

Mark Where You Parked in Google Maps

Photo by Thienzieyung.

Arvin shares another tip for remembering where you parked:

When I park in a new area, or I intend to drink heavily for the night and would like to remember where I parked my car the next morning, I’ll find where I am on Google Maps, drop a pin and save that location to my bookmarks. Works like a charm and is completely free.

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