From The Tips Box: Class Schedules, Twitter Aggregators, iPhone Connectivity

From The Tips Box: Class Schedules, Twitter Aggregators, iPhone Connectivity

Readers offer their best tips for remembering class schedules, following news sites that don’t have Twitter accounts, and connecting two iPhones together.

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Save Your Class Schedule as Your iPhone Wallpaper

YoHoJo shares a way to stay on top of your first few days of school:

Set your class schedule as your phone background for quick access during the first hectic days of school. Sometimes it’s hard to nail your schedule down during the first days of school, and constantly pulling out a printed one makes you look like a lost freshman. Instead, simply take a snapshot of your class schedule and make it your phone background for quick and easy access.

Connect Multiple Apple Devices with a USB Cord and Camera Accessory

Photo by ivyfield.

Jersuswhammy finds that he can plug his iPhone straight into his iPad with a simple Apple accessory:

My wife and I went on vacation to NYC this past week and instead of taking a laptop, we just took our lovely new iPad, our iPhones, and a Canon P&S. after taking tons of pictures with the Canon and wanting to upload them, I remembered that we could unload them onto the iPad (and edit them too) with the camera dingle. So I went to the Apple store and picked one up. It worked great, actually even better than expected.

After a while of contemplating what all I could do with the USB dongle, I decided to try plugging in my iPhone via a USB/30 pin cable (with hopes that the iPad would charge the iPhone. Seriously, how awesome would that be?). To my amazement, it read the iPhone just like it did the SD card and I was able to unload all of my photos onto it and began the fun process of editing and uploading.

This might sound silly to a lot of people, but I was surprised, especially seeing that it’s not a “real” computer (being serious, not trolling).

Import RSS Feeds into Twitter for Twitter-less News Sites

Photo by emdot.

Waterskier9 tells us how he uses Twitter as a news feed, even with Twitter-less sites:

Since I use Twitter as a news aggregator, it annoys me when a website does not have a Twitter account that they post updates to. I don’t use any RSS reader, so I set up a separate twitter account that I follow. Then, I have watch all my rss feeds and post new updates to that twitter account. Then, updates to websites that I like show up in my twitter stream.

Save Money on Dog Treats by Using Ice (or Regular Dog Food)

Secant lets us know one less thing you need from the pet store:

Dogs LOVE ice. You never have to buy another treat. You never have to buy treats again.

We also had a friend that just used single pieces of dog food in place of treats and they worked just as well. Really, dogs just love it when you give them stuff, so there’s no reason to shell out for extra boxes of stuff from the pet store.

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