FreeApps Bundles Popular Free Applications For Easy Downloading

FreeApps Bundles Popular Free Applications For Easy Downloading

Collecting and installing all your favourite apps is usually the most tedious part of a fresh OS installation. FreeApps makes bulk installation of popular free and open-source applications a snap.

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Visit the FreeApps site, click on the applications you want to include in your bundle, and then click the “Get Installer” button to download the 0.5MB installation app. Once you have the installation app you run it, click “Start Install” and FreeApps will download and silently install your selected applications. If you download then installer app and realise you want to add or subtract from your current selection you can click on the “Freeware” tab to add or subtract from the FreeApps download list.

Be sure to check out previously reviewed Ninite, another great bulk-installation application. Between the diverse application pools of FreeApps and Ninite you shouldn’t have any trouble bulk installing your favourite apps. FreeApps is freeware, Windows only. You don’t need to register to download FreeApps but registration allows you to save your download list and download the FreeApps portable edition. Have a favourite tool for easy and silent installation of your favourite apps? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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