Foxtel TV Guide Gadget Lists Foxtel Programs

Sitting at your laptop and want to plan your evening's TV viewing. The Foxtel TV Guide Gadget is a desktop gadget for Windows users that lists the next 14 days of programming, and lets you remotely schedule recordings via your Foxtel account.

There's not much more to say than that, other than that (just as with Foxtel Downloads) there doesn't seem to be a Mac option. Does the idea of a desktop Foxtel gadget tickle your fancy, or would you prefer just to use a web site or the on-screen guide? Tell us in the comments.



    Usually use the iPhone app to check the guide whilst watching tv so I do not have to miss what I am currently watching (although the tv guide can show current channel in a small screen, but not while recording).

    When I get an iPad it will be even easier as it will feel like an extended remote/tv guide, or a secondary screen. Will use this desktop app as well when sitting at desk and planning my evenings viewing.

    i will definitely (and already have) use this gadget as opposed to the ridiculously crap TV guide website. Mostly for the fact that i hate having to log in and enter my details every time i visit the website tv guide

    I'm not sure what's wrong with my set-up, but the window size for this gadget is too small, causing the scroll bars and bottom row of buttons to be clipped out of view, making the app pretty useless. Have yet to figure out how to resize the window.

    Great concept though :)

      foo, The window size is not the is your windows settings...Solution:

      • Right click desktop -> Personalise
      • Click Display - on left
      • Click 'Set custom text size (DPI) - on left.
      • Set scale to 100% OR
      • Ensure 'Use Windows XP style DPI scaling' is not checked.

    When will there be an Android app !

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