Foxtel Promises Internet Services For iQ

Foxtel Promises Internet Services For iQ

Foxtel subscribers have been able to download programs to view on their PC since last October. By this October, the pay TV provider will also offer download services for its iQ PVR, as well as scheduling from PCs and iPhones.

TV Tonight reports that Foxtel CEO Kim Williams revealed the plans in an interview on the Sky Business Channel yesterday. The ability to download movies and other content (presumably for a fee) direct to the iQ box will occur from October. As with most media download services, that could mean a hefty hit to your monthly broadband cap; unsurprisingly, Foxtel has negotiated a deal with Telstra to allow BigPond customers to download shows without counting them against monthly limits.

Ahead of that, Foxtel is also planning an update to its iPhone TV guide app (which was first released last December) to allow its iSuggest feature to operate on the phone. Desktop widgets for Windows and Mac which allow remote programming of an individual iQ are also due for release, as is an iPad-specific program guide app.

Foxtel iQ to be internet-enabled by end of year [TV Tonight]


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