ExtensionFM Turns The Web Into Your Personal Music Library

Chrome: The web is packed with millions of MP3 files — on music blogs, in links shared on Twitter, tucked away in directories — and ExtensionFM aims to turn that massive pile of untapped music into your personal library.

ExtensionFM is a Google Chrome extension that sits in your menubar, quietly notifying you when the website you're visiting has MP3s it can siphon up. Clicking on the extension icon — as seen in the video above — shows you what songs are available. You can pick and choose or dump them all into your ExtensionFM dashboard. It bears noting that ExtensionFM links to the original source and doesn't download the songs to the your computer or the ExtensionFM website.

ExtensionFM requires no registration, but if you do register, you get the ability to save your songs and playlists between listening sessions as well as feed your listening patterns into your Last.FM account. ExtensionFM is free and works wherever Chrome does. Have a favourite extension for combing web browsing and music? Let's hear about it in the comments.

ExtensionFM [via MakeUseOf]


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