eBay Images May Be Shared With Others From September 4

eBay includes a catalogue facility where sellers can access pictures of items for their own use in listings (not much chop for selling Auntie Maude's unique dresser, but handy for common items). From September 4, any image that eBay Australia sellers upload to their listings can potentially end up in the catalogue.

Having your pictures reused isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially given that any reused image will include a link to your user ID. If you don't want your images shared, you can opt out by following instructions from eBay — you'll need to do so before August 31 if you want all your images protected.



    I do the photographic work for a seller - who loves the quality of the images I provide. All in-house created images are watermarked. The seller also spends a great deal of time preparing detailed descriptions of their products. Sometimes they need to put up an item and use images provided by the manufacturer before I've finished the in-house shoot - but they are not keen on it for two reasons: The first is that my shots are far better than the manufacturer's images in 95% of cases - and the second is that the watermark has become a RECOGNISED FEATURE of that seller's listings ... so much so, that they have had feedback from their customers who said 'I didn't think it was your listing ... because it didn't have the watermark in the photos'.

    This seller also backs up with exemplary service and has EARNED a great reputation.

    The quality of the photography and listings are key to the MARKETING advantage for this seller - and the watermark is a clear example of the value of a trademark.

    ... and now eBay wants to take OUR hard work and make it available for any lazy so-and-so? They want to dilute the marketing advantage? They want to make OUR conscientious and concerted efforts indistinguishable from other sellers who couldn't be bothered to do their own work - but are happy to take up a free ride?

    NOT ON YOUR NELLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    My seller will be opting out ... and if eBay pick up ANY of our images and claim it as a "glitch", then any sellers that try using OUR photos are going to be hit HARD with trademark infringement - not for the image of the product, but for the watermark.... and we can look at Copyright, too.


    My seller has worked very hard for THEIR business - are they not entitled to benefit from THEIR efforts?

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