Don’t Get Fooled Into Disabling Gmail’s Free Calls

Don’t Get Fooled Into Disabling Gmail’s Free Calls

Don’t Get Fooled Into Disabling Gmail’s Free Calls The integration of phone calling into Gmail was supposed to be a US-only feature, but it turns out that anyone who sets their language to US English in Gmail can also use the service to make calls (including free calls to US numbers). However, be careful when using Gmail for calling or you might accidentally switch it off.

Google Operating System points out that you shouldn’t click the Upgrade your account button within Gmail if you enable this option, since that feature is there to assign you a Google Voice number, and that service is US-only. Clicking the upgrade button can result in your no longer being able to buy credit to make non-US calls, which makes the service potentially a lot less useful for Australians.

Don’t Click this Button in Google Voice! [Google Operating System]


  • Actually, this post is a bit outdated already.

    I clicked the Upgrade Account Button on Saturday when it first came out, and after reading this, I checked, and is not blocked any more, so obviously Google Fixed this issue.

  • Tested it in a Melbourne to Melbourne call with my 10c free gift that you get when you download the software. The 10c lasted 5 minutes, which seems v expensive compared to local VOIP deals. I guess it’s only good for free calls to the US?

    • @Bill that’s what I thought too. my local voip provider is about 5c cheaper for calls to mobile than the Google Voice rate. GV is an interesting idea, but probably will be limited in Oz until they get more active over here.

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