DIY iMac-like iPad Stand

You may think the world doesn't need yet another iPad stand, but this mod puts the others to shame. Those times where you have to have a full keyboard for typing, an old iMac stand makes a clever DIY mount.

While you obviously can't buy a whole iMac to get the parts for this, you could certainly look around on eBay for a replacement iMac stand—you should be able to find them pretty cheap. Other than that, you'll just need some basic tools like a saw, drill and hot glue gun to create an small, iMac-mimicking mount for your iPad.

It's the perfect set-up for when the iPad keyboard just doesn't cut it. You can place it on a small desk and turn it into an instant messaging portal, type up some documents without firing up your computer, or even as a second monitor for your existing iMac. Hit the link for the full instructions.

iMacPad [Instructables]


    If you wanted a full keyboard, and upright screen, then why didn't you just buy an iMac or MacBook in the first place?

      because, it's an iPad.

      I want the one with the gee bees.

      Strangely enough, whilst you can use a stand and turn your iPad into something that resembles an iMac, it is impossible to turn your iMac into something as portable and compact as an iPad.

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