DIY Cheese Grater Lamp

Want some striking lighting but don't want to spend a fortune? You can get an unusual effect by converting a cheese grater into a lamp.

At IKEA Hacker, K McF details how he combined the $7 Hemma lighting cord with a cheese grater to produce a cheap but nifty light source. The model of grater he used isn't sold by IKEA in Australia, but you could source plenty of options from any kitchen store. This version uses good old black electrical tape to link the lamp to the grater; if you're handy with a drill, you could come up with a neater version.

10-Minute Cheese Grater Lamp [IKEA Hacker]


    Well I think a colander would look better.

    Thanks for the creative idea. Looks interesting. I thought you could probably use an old pot and make some holes on it with a drill. You could probably use a Chineese steamer for the same purpose too.


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