Deconstructing Dodo’s ‘Unlimited’ Broadband Plan

Deconstructing Dodo’s ‘Unlimited’ Broadband Plan

Deconstructing Dodo’s ‘Unlimited’ Broadband PlanThe word ‘unlimited’ should be treated with scepticism in any broadband advertising. Dodo should be treated with extreme scepticism at all times. Put the two of them together and the only sensible option is to look elsewhere.

A recent post on OzBargain alerted me to something I had managed to avoid noticing before: Dodo apparently offers an unlimited ADSL2+ plan for $39.90 a month. Given that most other ISPs typically only offer a few gigabytes for that kind of money, it might sound tempting. But is it really such a good deal?

First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out, as we’ve noted several times before, that Dodo has a truly abysmal record when it comes to customer service. As such, we’d hesitate to recommend any option it was selling, no matter what the price.

Secondly, the price on offer is, to say the least, deceptive. If you visit the Dodo site, you’ll see a very prominent advertisement for $39.90 a month unlimited broadband, and the same figure appears on its list of plans. However, once you actually enter a number to check if you’re eligible, you’ll discover that the minimum monthly cost is $69.80, which includes getting your home phone service from Dodo. The rates Dodo offers aren’t especially competitive (25 cents per minute for national calls on that price), so that immediately makes the value proposition much more questionable.

Like similar plans from Optus, AAPT, TPG and Exetel, the Dodo plan requires you to sign up for a 24-month contract and is only available in metropolitan areas. We couldn’t find a specific document on Dodo’s site suggesting that unlimited usage of broadband was subject to ‘acceptable use’ restrictions, but its general usage policy is so broad that interpretation could probably be applied.

The bottom line? All the available evidence suggests that Dodo is not a good choice. If you do want a large download limit, the plans that emerged last week in the terabyte wars are likely to be less hassle and better value in the long run.



  • I know Dodo has the worst reputation with Telstra in tow. But I dont understand the coments here of Dodo beeing a bad option because of the bundle with the phone line. I have to have that phone line no matter who I go for. I do not use the phone at all, but have to have the line for my internet. So why is Dodo a bad option because of the bundle?

    I am more interested in if Dodo can actually deliver what they sell. Noone comes close to their offer. Has anyone bought this product? Any feedback?

    The fact that Dodo has been crap in the past in terms of customer service is no difference to any other company I have been with. I just want to hear from people who have tried this deal that are so much better then anyone else have to offer, more like they have in Europe.

    • i have the dodo unlimted ADSL 2+ with the home phone bundle and its fast its unlimted its awesome it only cost me like $60 a month but
      i live in nowra nsw 2541 australia

    • I’ve been with Dodo for just over a year, and apart from awful customer service, their speeds are slow, and they seem to have constant dropouts. Once my contract ends, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. I’d rather pay a higher price for a better quality service.

      • I’ve been with dodo for just over a year, service was shit at beginning slow & dropped out constantly when you could get on..
        I decided to upgrade our modem so went to JB Jo-fi spent $180 on the top of the line modem haven’t had a problem since…
        Only complaint now is there customer service process

    • I have the Dodo Internet which they quoted me $39.90 for unlimited ADSL2+ in Adelaide metro. This was nearly 2 years ago and is for a 2 year contract. They then said they would reduce that to $29.90 per month if I bundled it with the landline at approx. $30 per month from memory for a total of $59.90 per month. I have found their service above average and although, like most call centres these days are located in the Philippines they are friendly and happy to repeat words if I don’t understand them. They have steered me through several problems I had which were not their problems but problems caused by me changing from wired to wireless internet and connecting other devices. They always help and are patient. Also, they will often ask you for an alternative number in case you get cut off why they are testing your service and they ring you back on that number as sometimes you have to disconnect the landline to reset things. I would stay with them if nothing changes but recently I had the NBN pass my property so can now choose that as an option with a voip package so will be again comparing value. Currently I have found one company for $70 per month (only $10 more than my current plan) and with the voip, calls are only 12c each national. I never use the landline anyway as I have an unlimited mobile plan through Boost (part of Telstra) which costs me only $40 prepaid per month with 2gb data!
      If you haven’t tried Dodo DON’T judge them, and if you don’t have NBN availability I recommend trying DODO as they are now offering the $39.90 unlimited broadband unbundled and with no contract so if you are not happy after one month, change isp’s. Don’t know of any other ISP that offers that as a vote of confidence. My brother joined DODO similar time to me and has recently contracted to them for 2 years and they gave him a free mini laptop for his loyalty!

  • I don’t get why life hacker hates dodo so much. I’ve used there mobile broadband for 2 years. Yes their service is bad but its the same bad service as all the providers for a much cheaper deal.

  • I saw the ad on tv last night.. you have to be watching for it, but in the fine print, they briefly stipulate that ‘unlimited broadband’ only runs at 256k download. so really not a good option.

  • I have seen first hand the very poor customer service from dodo. The issue is when things don’t go right you have no chance of getting them put right.

    In the past have had issues will most of my comms suppliers but I have no whinges since they all acted promptly and efficiently to fix whatever the issues were. IMHO the measure of a company is how they react to issues…….dodo don’t score well on that front.

  • Thanks Chris for the idea of Naked dsl, something I never heard of. But it would be 3 or 4 times the price of Dodos alternetive depending of how much you use. I wish there was someone out there who has actually used this deal im talking about but I suppose someone has to be the first.

  • I start this plan tomorrow, I am in a regional area so it’s $110 standalone without a phone line and that’s only $10 more then telstras 200gb deal so I was like hell yes! When changing to this plan a asked them a million questions and they assure me that I get adsl2 speeds 24/7 with no shaping or throttling which means p2p will be fine so they say. I have been with dodo for 5 plus years and never had a real problem with them so I guess I am lucky, I have read alot of bad stuff bout them but yet to experience it! And I didn’t have to go in a contract since we have been with them so long woo. I will update and let you all know how it is working out for me.

  • I ended up signing up with Dodo after all. I got a speed of 300kb, amd the price much higher than promised. The bundle wasnt a bundle at all. 69 dollars for just internet, then 36 dollars for the phone. When I complained they said I got the two services at different times. This was due to the modem taking longer time to get to me in the mail. They offered to bundle it for the adverticed price but then I had to sign up for two years. I cant wait for the same broadband as the rest of the civilized world has. 300kb speed on a plan that says up to 24 mb is just plain wrong.

  • The website is hugely misleading in that when it lists the ADSL2+ plans they’re all bundled with home phone. You actually have to ring up and ask for the unbundled package which you will then get for $39.90 provided you have line rental. Works well for me as I have the home phone through Telstra and the internet through dodo.

    I think in the long run most people would probably break even on paying for a line rental and internet package over naked and end up with a greater download limit in the process.

    • Maybe back when you posted but I signed upto Dodo unlimited ADSL2+ today unbudled $39.90 p/m there was a tab on their ADSL2+ page bundle or brooadband (unbudled) looking forward to more data very shortly 🙂

      So it not misleading or hidden and you dont have to sign up for a phone budled product via the web you can select unbundled as being advertised heavily atm online or call centre.

  • I’ve been using their unlimited plan for 6 odd months now, going hard peer to peer. No throttling, excellent download speeds (I live in Mentone). I’ve called customer service twice and had a quick response. Must’ve cleaned their act up? Give them a go.

  • I came from TPG to Dodo. As a Dodo customer right now that makes me an expert. Yes they do throttle a lot. I use VPN software which also slows my downloads. It will be impossible to download a lot of files because of the restrictions. Occasionally I get a slightly better speed but it soon drops to an abysmal 20kb/s. Currently 3.51 GB is avg. 36.9kb/s it will take 3 days to download. I am seriously thinking of using a seedbox. If you are not using VPN I think you are asking for trouble. When my contract expires I will find another ISP. I think I will have to pay more. If you buy cheap you get crap that’s what I have got. Anyone who’s says different is a liar or works for Dodo.

  • I’ve been with Dodo since dial-up days. Now, I’ve got Unlimited ADSL2+ with a Home phone. Total cost $59.80. Also, my contract period expired years ago. As I type, I’m P2Ping… Download speed : 1 – 1.2Mbytes/sec (approx 8 – 9.6Mbits/sec). My linespeed (ozspeedtest) is typically 8 – 12Mbits/sec depending on the time of day. I can definitely see when the kids get home from school. The thing that slows P2P is having too many download/uploads running at once. Learn to QUEUE your torrents. I’ve got 2 downloads and 6 active seeds running at the moment. If I add any more then the speed drops. I can vary these too a small degree. As a rule of thumb don’t have more than 4 downloads and 8 seeds running. It is much FASTER overall if you queue things. Be patient. You can’t download everything you want at once.
    While Dodo’s customer support can be very frustrating at time, I have found their Technical Support very good over the years. Perhaps I just got lucky 😉

  • Hi guys… Just called Dodo. They want to charge a $399 Setup fee before I can be given an ADSL2 bundle. I do NOT think that’s acceptable. I’m now looking at TPG, seeing as I’ve had pretty bad experiences with iPrimus previously… Wish me luck!

  • My Question is….Is Dodo’s Unlimited ADSL2+ Plan really Unlimited? (I’ve used 254gb so far this month, with about 10 days to go….

    Thanks Guys,
    @webfreebe @Code_Collective (Co-Founder)

  • I have used Dodo for years, you can get it in regional areas, so that comment is incorrect. It costs more but so do all the other providers. As for dropping out, people need to make sure they have filters on all active phone points, I didn’t think about the house alarm being plugged into a phone point and the engineer that came out was very helpful.
    I moved house and it runs a little slow that my previous place, that’s because I am more that 3kms from the exchange.
    So making a comment about any provider is hard as everyone’s circumstances are different.

  • iv’e been with dodo adsl 1 for a year and the speed they promised is only about 100kbps down off i didn’t get the router they supply though so it worked out well

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