Custom Cuts And Lava Lamps: The Musician's Office

Today's featured workspace isn't the tiniest workspace we've featured, but it's certainly compact. How compact? A chunk of the desk had to be cut away to make room for the door. Read on for additional pictures from this soothing-colored workspace.

Lifehacker reader thestickybit has a small workspace. So small, in fact, that he had to cut a chunk out of the back corner and side of the IKEA countertop he uses as a desk surface. The two cuts help the desk fit snug to a concrete support pillar and provide room for the door to swing uninterrupted. The swooping cut on the right side of the desk looks so good in contrast with the traditional rectangular shape of most workspaces, we'd be tempted to do it even if the door wasn't in the way.

Check out more pictures from his office below.

Custom Cuts and Lava Lamps: The Musician's Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Very neat setup! I like!

    My study room is a whole lot bigger than that, and I custom designed and built a wrap-around desk to fill the whole room, but your workspace looks so neat and efficent in comparison to mine!

    I'll take a few tips from your setup, that's for sure! Good work mate! :-)

    p.s I just realized what it is that I love about your setup: it has good Feng Shui! It's very clean and neat. Whereas my setup looks cluttered and there's too much stuff out, which results in mind-clutter!

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