Create Shortcuts To Evernote Searches For Quicker Access To Your Notes

Windows only: Cross-platform note-taking application Evernote doesn't have any sort of Windows 7 integration, but you can hack your own with StandaloneStack and some special shortcuts for much easier access to saved searches and notebooks.

Over at the How-To Geek site (my home away from Lifehacker), we've written up a guide to using StandaloneStack and some custom shortcuts to the enscript.exe scripting interface included in your Evernote installation folder to create quick access to your notes directly from the Windows 7 taskbar — though you could do the same with regular shortcuts if you wanted to. It's a useful trick that might help you navigate the somewhat clunky Evernote for Windows interface.

Make Evernote More Approachable with Custom Windows 7 Integration [How-To Geek]


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