Craft A DIY Camera Bean Bag For On-The-Go Stability

Tripods are great but they're bulky and, unless you have a more expensive model with a reversible mount, it's impossible to get a shot from the ground. A camera bean bag is a small, portable and stable platform for your camera.

Instructables user motadacruz wanted a cheap and portable way to stabilise his camera which ruled out purchasing an expensive tripod and lugging it around. Using materials he had around the house—basic fabric, a needle and thread, dried peas for filler—he crafted a simple bean bag to rest his camera on. You should be able to scavenge the materials you want for free or next to free. Even if you don't have the raw materials laying around you can get a needle, thread, piece of scrap fabric and some dried beans to use as filler for under $5.

Check out the link below to see the full guide. Have your own tip, trick or DIY photography project to share? Let's hear about it in the comments below.

DIY Camera Bean bag [Instructables]


    I made something very similar, and filled it with rice. I sewed a rubber non slip mat (one of those cheap square ones you get at the supermarket to open jars) onto the bottom as well, made it more useful as I could use it on my car roof/bonnet without it sliding around.

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