Click The "Getting Started" Tab On Dropbox Web For A Free Upgrade

If you've been using Dropbox since the wee early days, you might not have noticed the "Getting Started" tab in the web version. Click it though, and you'll likely get another 250MB of Dropbox space for "steps" you've already completed.

Lifehacker reader terheyden pointed out this little gem to us, and for this Lifehacker editor, it resulted in an instant 250MB upgrade. If you haven't tried out a few of Dropbox's features, like installing on multiple computers, sharing a folder and inviting a friend (for another 250MB boost), you'll have to knock those off, but the free bit of space seems worth the minor effort.


    W00t! Worked for me too. Especially easy as I'd completed all the taskes. Huzzah! Thanks for the tip. : )

    Also worked for me. Cheers for the tip.

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