Brick And Plaster: An English Student's Workspace

Today's featured workspace is in a student's bedroom, hit with a double whammy of restrictions — limited space and heavy-handed rules on what can be done to it.

Lifehacker reader Lewis Pratt is an English university student. He rents a little room that, thanks to UK renting laws, has to stay almost entirely the way it was when he moved in. Nonetheless he's managed to carve out a little space in a nook beside the back wall for a workspace and add some character to the room with a shelf sub-lit with LEDs and supported by folded magazines.

Although the room is small he does have the benefit of a spacious closet area — the door is seen behind his computer desk — to pack the items that see infrequent use. Good secondary storage is a huge boon to life in a small apartment, rented room or dorm. Hit up his Flickr set at the link below for some additional photos of his bedroom and storage.

Brick and Plaster: An English Student's Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Amazing how this small print desktops still spreading like mushrooms in all places.
    My experience shows it is more important to have huge space on the desk free to place your arms/hands keyboard and mouse and move them around and a free view to something else far away, best a window straight in line as to how the space looks like or convenient you can fold it away etc.
    If you spend more than 30min in front of your computer make sure you have plenty of space to change position, look somewhere else, get distracted by something not on the screen and hang around with your limbs.
    A big screen helps only if it is some way of your face.
    If you want to save space and don’t want a full desk in your bedroom think about a laptop and put it in the kitchen.

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