Boxee Beta Updates With A New Movie Library

Boxee Beta Updates With A New Movie Library

Windows/Mac/Linux/Apple TV: Open-source media centre application Boxee gained a lot of notoriety for seamlessly integrating web-based TV shows with a remote-friendly, 3m interface. Now they’re aiming to bring more web-based movies to their Movie Library.

Streaming online movies aren’t quite as ubiquitous as online TV — at least in terms of major release content — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a ton of really good independent films, documentaries and B-movies. Boxee already has Hulu and YouTube integration, which brings a lot of more commercial options. Boxee’s updated movie library is all about expanding those offerings. It integrates with online movie sites EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI* and Openfilm to bring thousands of free movies to Boxee.

Boxee also says they’ll be adding more movies and movie services soon.

Boxee Gets a Movie Library, Actually A Few Of Them [Boxee Blog]

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