Book Christmas Travel Soon To Avoid Paying Too Much

Peak travel periods such as Christmas often mean high airfares if you want to return home to visit family. If you haven't already got your flights booked, get onto it before fares rise.

Picture by teflon

According to online booking site, there are still relative bargains to be had, but those are likely to evaporate soon. Brand manager Lisa Ferrari explains in a press release:

While we cannot predict with 100% accuracy the future of airfare prices, we can forecast that if demand remains at its current level, it's extremely likely that the airlines will be able to reach full capacity and thus charge more for seats as the Christmas season approaches. Last year a return airfare to London over the peak Christmas period was about $2400, booking now Aussies can expect to pay $1862. As you can see, getting in early means getting a great deal.

Already got your Christmas fares sorted? Tell us your money-saving strategies in the comments.


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