BlackBerry Torch Coming To Australia, But No Date Set

BlackBerry Torch Coming To Australia, But No Date Set

BlackBerry models in Australia often get locked to a single carrier — the Storm series on Vodafone, the Pearl 3G on Telstra. But with the new Torch, RIM has taken pains to point out that it will be issued across all carriers.

A press release sent this morning says that the Torch 9800 will be available “in the coming months”. That’s an Apple-like level of imprecision, but at least it looks like buyers will have a choice.


  • i think it is better , i personal like a phone be able to use in navigation direct with satelite not the network , and not like the pain iphone complex machine which relay on itunes and makes the byer an illegal person because of the jailbraking issue , and apple wants supprimacy on the market or what ever I like to use a phone for communication and enjoyment after all i pay for thats way there exist a contract with the provider , apple is a good phone but they do not permit to use it to the full to many donts and dont do this and that this is no fair traiding it is a copyright lupo so they can control the customer and make more money thats life but i do not agree I think the blackebery is better i will get one forget iphone 4 for me i have the old version 3.1.2 8GB but I am not happy the way they operate via the itunes that is my opinion

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