BlackBerry App World Now Offering Paid Apps In Australia

BlackBerry's App World app store wasn't originally available in Australia when it launched in much of the rest of the world, and when we did finally get it only free apps were available. Now Australian BlackBerry users can finally purchase paid apps on their device, provided they have a PayPal account.

While we're all about the free here at Lifehacker, having paid apps available as well does make the BlackBerry a more versatile choice. Offering payment via PayPal gets around the issue of trying to organise payment directly via carriers, which had been said to be a stumbling block earlier. (Not having that option doesn't seem to have hurt Apple much either.)

Got any recommendations for useful, productive paid BlackBerry apps? Share them in the comments. Thanks Jonathan for the tip!


    This is SO awesome!! It opens up so many more options for us!!


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