Black, White And Blue: A Compact Workspace

Today's featured workspace is compact in size but tucked away in a larger room. A combination of colours and furniture matched to the greater room help it to blend in seamlessly with the bigger space.

Lifehacker reader ichirorabbit has a workspace tucked in the corner of his living room. Rather than settle with a workspace that's functional but looks out of place, he opted to match the styling and colours of his workspace and living room furniture to create a unified look. If not for the giveaway peek into his kitchen — via one of the pictures in the gallery below — you'd never know it was his living room and would assume he just had a spacious and stylishly appointed office. Check out more pictures, including some panoramas, in the gallery below.

Black, White, and Blue: A Compact Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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