BitKinex Is An All-In-One WebDAV, FTP Client For Windows

Windows: If you routinely work with WebDAV as a method of file transfer you're likely disappointed in the native Windows support for it. BitKinex is an all-in-one tool for FTP, SFTP and WebDAV transfers.

If you've had trouble mapping your WebDAV to a network drive — and if you're a Windows 7 user, it's a common problem — BitKinex is a lightweight drag-and-drop solution for transferring files to a remote WebDAV dump as well as other file servers. It supports two-pane browsing, drag-and-drop file transfer, multiple transfer protocols and brings all the comfort of a traditional FTP client to WebDAV file transfer.

Although it lacks the dead-simple interface of a mapped drive, BitKinex is a close second in ease of use. BitKinex is a free application and works wherever Windows does. Have a favourite tool for working with WebDAV transfers? Let's hear about it in the comments below.



    First of all on my home LAN network is BitKinex unable to establish connection !MS LAN filesharing is proper set up and running ! I also install Network Magic from Cissco to troubleshoot but everything works well nothing to troubleshoot ! I have try some settings but no conections it's refusing to connect as anonymous as admin credentials ! I use Win XP SP3 Pro ! All that on LAN, what abaut establishing connections thru internet its a nightmare !!! Or do we need a master degree to remote becoming TCPIP packet riding on the wire and realtime troubleshoting crapy/faulty app ??? Maybe i do not known enough, but 10 years at least i do pro IT, and now be smart if you can !!!

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