BitKinex Is An All-In-One WebDAV, FTP Client For Windows

BitKinex Is An All-In-One WebDAV, FTP Client For Windows

Windows: If you routinely work with WebDAV as a method of file transfer you’re likely disappointed in the native Windows support for it. BitKinex is an all-in-one tool for FTP, SFTP and WebDAV transfers.

If you’ve had trouble mapping your WebDAV to a network drive — and if you’re a Windows 7 user, it’s a common problem — BitKinex is a lightweight drag-and-drop solution for transferring files to a remote WebDAV dump as well as other file servers. It supports two-pane browsing, drag-and-drop file transfer, multiple transfer protocols and brings all the comfort of a traditional FTP client to WebDAV file transfer.

Although it lacks the dead-simple interface of a mapped drive, BitKinex is a close second in ease of use. BitKinex is a free application and works wherever Windows does. Have a favourite tool for working with WebDAV transfers? Let’s hear about it in the comments below.



  • First of all on my home LAN network is BitKinex unable to establish connection !MS LAN filesharing is proper set up and running ! I also install Network Magic from Cissco to troubleshoot but everything works well nothing to troubleshoot ! I have try some settings but no conections it’s refusing to connect as anonymous as admin credentials ! I use Win XP SP3 Pro ! All that on LAN, what abaut establishing connections thru internet its a nightmare !!! Or do we need a master degree to remote becoming TCPIP packet riding on the wire and realtime troubleshoting crapy/faulty app ??? Maybe i do not known enough, but 10 years at least i do pro IT, and now be smart if you can !!!

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