Bing Adds Australian Movie Times To Search

Bing Adds Australian Movie Times To Search

Australian users have generally got a lousy deal with local search features on Microsoft’s Bing site, but it has added one useful feature this weekend: movie times when you search on a current movie name. The feature got off to a slightly rocky start on Saturday, but now seems to work pretty well, displaying details directly on the Bing site and without needing to add “movie times” as a keyword.


    • No it hasn’t. If you search a current movie title on Google and add the words “movie times”, the top result will likely be a site that includes that information, but Google won’t display the times itself using nothing more than the title, which is what Bing does.

  • But what’s really dumb is you have to search “film title near place” rather than “film title cinema times” or something similar. No one is going to search for for that actively unless they know they can, and who really, in Australia, knows about Bing and its features.

    • Actually cleverclogs – all you search for is the movie title and it automatically determines where you are located (based on either ISP settings or Bing settings) and displays that information.

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