Below The Line Lets You Plan Your Senate Vote

Just voting 1 above the line for your preferred party in the Senate means you don't get to choose your preferences, but filling out all the numbers below the line is fiddly. The Below The Line site comes to the rescue, letting you customise your preferences and print out a guide to take along on voting day.

After selecting your state, you can either nominate a main party and then your secondary choices, or assemble your own preferred order from scratch. Once you're done, you can print out the guide and even share your suggested preferences with others if you wish. You'll still have to fill out the ballot itself on August 21, but at least you'll feel confident of not making a mistake.

Below The Line [via Gizmodo]


    Excellent idea. I will definitely check this out.

      60. Australian Labor Party CONROY Stephen Michael

      All done.

        It's not a valid vote if you just fill in one number, sadly :-)

    Brilliant Idea. Makes it so easy. I've just filled mine out. Started at #60; Fielding, 59; Conroy and worked up from there. Is there anything Drag and Drop cannot do?

    What I'd like to see in this is a way to automatically move the factional leaders to the bottom of the Labor group and order the Liberals from wet to dry (or vice versa). Then I could really express my preferences (without the bother of doing any research myself).

      If you're in SA, Alex Gallacher is the factional hack who has been moved to the top of the ticket above the the two sitting Labor Senators.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, have to fill out all the boxes form 1 to 60 is just ridiculous. This is why so few people vote below the line. This needs to change.

    "How do I do this?" panel, doesn't work!

    The whole thing moves when you try to grab it.

    The clue may be in the fact that the right side appears clipped.
    line ends………finished, clic

    I can't get started

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